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Change of Direction

Spoke to my Management professor last week and now I’m switching my major. My Marketing game is tight, tight as fuck, yes my game is tight (R.I.P. Easy E), so I’m going Management. Better opportunities, entrepreneur track, and my mentor/ advisor Dr. Koerner is a bad ass. She owns a consulting business with her husband (he runs it now), but now teaches MBA courses full time, with the exception of my class.

Now I’m starting work on my business plan for a Menswear Shop with high hopes of learning the trade from the best (I swear to god I will move to Hong Kong for a summer internship at The Armoury), and forging an important marketing alliance with an influential menswear blogging empire.

Had a good talk about this with my Pops and he is fully on board, shit, every guy I talk to about it is intrigued. Some major kinks to work through for the long run, but the fundamantal approach is there and it will be fully transposable to any market from SLC to NYC.

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